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Were you referred to me by a friend or colleague and would like to know more? Did you receive a post card from me? Well, you’re at the right place. Thank you for visiting my website. If you are looking to browse the inventory of homes for sale, click here. Let me know what your needs are and I’ll be happy to help. In the meantime, you can learn a lot about me below.

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About Susie Takara

Aloha! I’m Susie Takara, your dedicated real estate guide at United Real Estate Gallery, weaving the warm Aloha spirit into the fabric of Jacksonville, FL, and its neighboring communities. With a heart full of love and hands skilled in negotiation, I’m not just a Certified Negotiation Expert, Military Relocation Professional, and At Home With Diversity-certified REALTOR®; I’m your ally in finding home sweet home.

Mentored by the best, my dear friend Laura Evans with her vast 30-year expertise, I’ve mastered the art of crafting relationships and ethical deals that go beyond the transaction—they’re about bringing your real estate dreams to life.

Buying or selling, upgrading or investing, I’m here to navigate you through the process with integrity and insight. From securing your dream home at a dream price to marketing your property for the swiftest sale, I stand by you every step of the way.

Infused with the serene beauty of Hawaii and the steadfast commitment of a military spouse, my mission is to make your real estate journey as tranquil as my island roots and as successful as the boldest of endeavors.

Join me, Susie Takara, as we embark on this real estate adventure together in the vibrant city of Jacksonville, FL. Let’s transform your aspirations into your reality.

Some of the Areas I Serve

Welcome to your gateway to finding the perfect property in Northeast Florida! I am Susie Takara, your local real estate expert, deeply versed in the unique charms and opportunities of Jacksonville, FL, Orange Park, FL, Green Cove Springs, FL, and Fleming Island.

As a seasoned expert in these vibrant areas, I possess a profound knowledge of the local real estate market, ensuring that sellers receive the most advantageous pricing and marketing strategies for their homes, and buyers discover their dream homes that meet both their needs and desires.

Jacksonville, FL: Jacksonville bustles with city life and natural beauty, making it a prime spot for real estate. Count on my expertise to price your home right and market it effectively. I’ll make sure it gets the attention it deserves in this diverse and lively market.

Orange Park, FL: Your home in the friendly neighborhoods of Orange Park is more than just a space—it’s part of a close-knit community surrounded by peace and nature. I’ll help you show potential buyers just how special your home is, ensuring it’s seen as a desirable place to live.

Green Cove Springs, FL: Green Cove Springs is a place of peace, with its historic springs and river views drawing in buyers who appreciate quiet beauty. With my deep understanding of this area, I’ll work to get you offers that reflect the true worth of your home’s peaceful setting and value.

Fleming Island, FL: Fleming Island blends community spirit with the finer things in life, all while keeping the convenience of the city close by. Your home here is special, and I’ll use my selling skills to connect with buyers who are searching for the ideal island home that still has all the comforts they need.

Selling your home is more than a transaction—it’s a pivotal life event. I commit to providing a seamless, effective, and personalized selling experience that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. With my commitment to excellence and your home’s unique story, together we will captivate the market and secure the best possible outcome.

Embrace the ease of selling with confidence. Let’s embark on this successful journey, where your real estate goals are my number one priority.

Let’s connect and explore the possibilities where lifestyle and location align perfectly with your real estate aspirations.

Expertise in Waterfront Property Sales

When it comes to selling waterfront properties, my expertise is your advantage. I blend an intimate understanding of waterfront living with precise pricing and strategic marketing to showcase the unique lifestyle your property offers. My targeted approach ensures your home captures the attention of buyers looking for that perfect waterside retreat. Trust in my hands-on guidance to navigate the nuances of the waterfront market, making your selling experience seamless and successful.

As an expert in waterfront property sales, I bring a unique blend of precise pricing and strategic marketing to the table. I understand the nuances that define the value of a waterside home — from the breadth of the view and the depth of the water to the location and condition of the property. My approach is to showcase these attributes, ensuring your property not only stands out but resonates with buyers looking for that exclusive waterfront lifestyle. Whether it’s maximizing the appeal of panoramic vistas, aligning the dock to a buyer’s boating needs, or enhancing privacy through thoughtful landscaping, I tailor each sale to reflect the property’s true worth and allure.

With a deep understanding of the waterfront market, I position your property to captivate serious buyers. My approach takes into account all the elements that define waterfront value—not just the quality of the view and the condition of the home, but also critical factors like bridge clearance and waterway depth that affect navigability. These details are essential for buyers with specific boating needs, and I highlight them to ensure a perfect match. Trust in my guidance to smoothly navigate the complexities of waterfront sales, from assessing the suitability of access routes for different vessel types to ensuring every aspect of your property is presented at its best. With each negotiation handled with meticulous care, I aim for a selling experience that flows as smoothly as the waters that surround your home.

Let's Create Your Real Estate Plan

Your Path to Real Estate Achievement

Embarking on your real estate journey without a plan is like navigating without a compass. Success comes from meticulous planning and strategic action. As your trusted real estate advisor, I am dedicated to turning your aspirations into reality.

Together, we’ll craft a personalized strategy—we’ll outline your dreams, pinpoint your needs, and set a timeline that aligns with your life. Whether you’re aiming to buy the perfect property or sell your home at top value in Northeast Florida, my expertise is at your service.

Real estate success isn’t about luck; it’s about preparation and professional insight. My mission? To be the guide that steers you clear of obstacles and directly to your goals. Let’s initiate the conversation today and transform your real estate objectives into a tangible plan.

Plan with purpose. Sail with confidence. Achieve with Susie Takara.

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